Facial Wrinkles, Sagging


  • Cutaneous aging is a complex biological phenomenon affecting the different constituents of the skin. There are two independent processes affecting the skin simultaneously. The first is the intrinsic aging that affects the skin in the same manner as it affects the internal organs. The second process is the extrinsic aging, “photo-aging”, which is the result of exposure to Ultraviolet radiation (Sunrays). 


  • One of the signs of aging is increased wrinkling of the face. This can occur naturally over time and there are secondary factors that can cause wrinkles include the constant pull of gravity, frequent and constant positional pressure on the skin of the face (e.g. during sleep) and repeated facial movements caused by the contractions of the muscles of facial expression. 


  • In general, facial wrinkles have a myriad of remedies: face-lifting, surgical excision, resurfacing procedures using lasers, acid peels or Dermabrasion, soft tissue fillers such as collagen or fat and facial massages, and other homeopathic remedies. Therefore, to choose the most appropriate therapy, distinctions must be between wrinkles created by loss of collagen, wrinkles caused by volumetric loss of fat, redundant folds caused by gravitational pull, and those caused by hyper-functional facial muscles.


  • Because each person is unique, there is no one modality that is best for everyone. This suggests that the choice of any of these treatment options should be determined according to the degree of photo-damage and age of patients. Chemical peeling is effective in mild wrinkles. With Botox injection being useful for wrinkles associated with mild and early degrees of photo-damage, in younger patients with hyperkinetic muscles or in those refusing surgical intervention while laser resurfacing or Microneedling Radiofrequency or LED Therapy being more beneficial for more advanced photo-damage caused by loss of collagen within the dermis. 


من احدي علامات الشيخوخة هي وجود التجاعيد بالوجه مع ترهلات و ارتخاء الوجه. يمكن أن يحدث هذا بشكل طبيعي مع مرور الوقت أو بسبب التعرض للشمس، وهناك عوامل أخري والتي تلعب دورا في زيادة التجاعيد كعامل الجاذبية نتيجة الضغط المستمر على الجلد (على سبيل المثال أثناء النوم)؛ كذلك زيادة انقباض عضلات الوجه الناتجة عن زيادة تعبيرات الشخص.

هناك عدة طرق لعلاج التجاعيد: كأشعة الليزر، الوخز بالابر؛ التقشير الكيميائي، الفيللرز أو حقن الكولاجين أو الدهون؛ حقن البوتوكس..... لذلك، لاختيار العلاج الأنسب، يجب أن نحدد الفروق بين التجاعيد الناتجة عن نقص الكولاجين والتجاعيد الناتجة عن نفص الدهون، أو نتيجة عامل الجاذبية، أو التجاعيد الناتجة عن انقباض عضلات الوجه.


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