DermaPremier Skin clinic is established and managed by Dr Belkais Marwan Professional Dermatologist. It is an informative website aiming to give you all true facts you might need to know about Aesthetic procedures and Weight control treatment along with its different techniques. According to the body diagnosis and skin analysis, during consultation, the best plan suiting the patient will be set to reach the satisfactory aimed results.
Before starting the sessions: Dr. Belkais will explain in details the selected plan and how far it is suitable for the patient as per the diagnosis & results.
During the plan process: Dr. Belkais will monitor the progress of the treatment at the beginning at each session, record the changes (Before and After) and discuss it over with the patient. 
The treatment techniques are accomplished by a diversified up to date list of tools and machineries. 

Different ways of treatments:


  • Peeling program: GA, SA and TCA

  • Nd:YAG laser for hair reduction and treatment of pigmentary disorders, wrinkles and vascular diseases

  • Alexandrite laser for pigmentary disorders and Laser HR

  • Injectable procedures: Mesotherapy, PRP and Filler

  • Advanced Radio-Frequency technique and Fractional micro needling technique for skin tightening, PIH and acne treatment, stretch marks reduction

  • Slimming Treatment Program.



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